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The Beach House appeals most to those seeking a get-away-from-it-all holiday. In Chinthche there are landline telephones and cell phone coverage is good, but there is no satellite television, just a well-stocked library and games for the family, including table tennis.

Dugouts can be hired as a challenge to those with a well-developed sense of balance, and the gently sloping sandy beach is very suitable for launching power boats off trailers. Swimming is a sheer delight – Lake Malawi may seem like an inland sea, but despite the beautiful beaches and the waves, the water is fresh and crystal clear, and there is no sticky saltiness. At times of the year, with the south-easterly mwera blowing strongly, the surf can reach two metres!

Kande Horse offers riding by the hour on the beaches of nearby Kande or in the woodland rising up to the forested Viphya Plateau. A wide selection of thoroughbred horses to suit all riders is available.

In the village of Chintheche, just 2.5km south on the main lakeshore M5 road, there is a market and many small shops at which kitchen and household essentials can be purchased. Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, eggs, chicken and often fish are also on sale, seven days a week, at the traditional market right in the middle of the village. For European and Asian tastes Shoprite in Mzuzu is regarded as best but there are many smaller food and general stores there too.

Nightly, except when the moon is full and competes for the attention of the fish, the fishermen cast their nets from dugouts, using flares and beacons and creating a memorable spectacle of timeless beauty.

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