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Both the Beach House and the Cottage are self-catering, but excellent service is available to help in both the kitchen and for general cleaning.    

The Beach House stands on the very edge of the dunes. It has four large bedrooms, all with twin beds, mosquito nets and en-suite bathrooms. The spacious lounge area is furnished in traditional colonial style with many old maps, prints and photographs of Nyasaland, as Malawi used to be called, and the immediate lakeshore area. The house, and its unique content, have been called ‘a tribute to the historic and present day appeals of Lake Malawi as a tourism choice’.

A spacious patio and an open conservatory setting with many pot plants offer the very best of outdoor life in the tropics.

A well-equipped kitchen, with a large refrigerator and a freezer, allows the widest range of self-catering; house servants are available to help. By special arrangement, and at small extra cost, a qualified cook made be made available to help with all meals, but a few day’s notice is generally required.

Garden, beach cleaning and nocturnal security services are provided.

A fruit orchard, set in lawns at the rear of the house provides lemons and mangoes in season. The local fish – chambo, kampango, ncheni and the whitebait-like usipa – can often be bought at dawn from local fishermen on the adjacent beach although some negotiation is both expected and advised.

The adjacent Beach Cottage which is much smaller, even closer to the beach and more intimate [pictures below, lower slideshow] may be rented separately or together with the Beach House.

Together the two properties offer enticing possibilities for exclusive ‘think-tank’ sessions, seminars or corporate retreats for groups up to 12 in number. Special group rates and facilities apply (contact us)

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